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Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Fundamentals of Online Earning & Digital Marketing

If you are new to online career and wish to build a long term career ahead, then is is the best course for you to start.
Advanced Affiliate Marketing

How To Sell T-Shirt Designs In POD, Without Paid Ads

Starting At 4,500 BDT
This course is perfect for those who want to build a online business in Print-on-Demand sector, without investing tons of money on paid ads.
YouTube Marketing

Drive Traffic From YouTube To Sell Affiliate Products

Starting At 6,500 BDT
This course is for those who want to master one of the best free traffic methods in the world, i.e. YouTube marketing, and use it to build a career in affiliate marketing.
...One thing made Nafiur Rahman vai unique and special, which is he understands student's psychology. And this is why he knows how to explain things the right way so that the students can catch every topic perfectly.
Sakil Ahmed
Sakil Ahmed

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